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Meredith Hilt, Artist


There was never a question as to what Meredith Hilt wanted to be when she grew up. As soon as she could talk, she told everyone she was going to be an artist and live on a farm with LOT’s of animals (especially horses!) Her childhood was spent with her family traveling the world with her Naval officer father. She saw firsthand some of the most beautiful artwork in the world; Michelangelo’s Sistene Chapel, the works of the Louvre, and the Grecian Acropolis.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Visual Communications, Meredith spent the next 30-some years in the graphic design field creating “throw away” art. Everything was disposable or temporary such as magazine illustration, package design, corporate imaging, brochures, billboards, and direct mail (that dreaded junk mail). Eventually, she ditched the corporate world, and her lifelong love of horses led to a stint as a retail saddle shop owner. Seven years later, the Hilt’s sold the store and Meredith reentered the design field. This time she jumped head first in to the then emerging Internet - where things are even less tangible! Everything on the World Wide Web is virtual; in other words, like the ether.

Yet another "temporary" art field Ms. Hilt participates in is Face Painting. It's worn for several hours and then washed off. But the look on children's (and the adults!) faces when they first look in the mirror after being painted, is worth it! Meredith loves interacting with her "human canvases"!

Meredith has since discovered that she also wanted to make a more permanent mark on the world. Painting and jewelry design had always been passions she’d never had time to indulge, but now she creates to her heart's content. Meredith's painting and metalsmithing reflect what she loves;animals and nature themes.

Using her hands and imagination, Meredith creates unique, organic pieces with a contemporary flair. Her jewelry is often embellished with ivory, artisan glass or semi-precious stones. The results turn precious metal, wire and stone into wearable pieces of artwork.

Her life has taken some twists and turns, but Meredith is finally living the life she once predicted - happily creating art and sharing a 10 acre farm (Renaissance Ridge), with her husband, their beautiful daughter from China, and a multitude of animals (yes, especially horses).

Meredith's work can be found in boutiques and galleries in Virginia, Maryland and also on Etsy.

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